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MindCode _Talent Management for performance is a new operating system for the human biocomputer. The system operates with 3 programs that watch how the parts, connections, interactions and synapses work together for a nervous system development of a business and for people to be able to rise above the division between work and free time.

As MindCode integrators, we understand and analyze each profile, providing to key members of a company a clear picture of the dynamics and interaction between the profile and the role that each person plays in the business. To have exceptional results and motivated people, we integrate in an effective way the MindCode programs of excellence in communication and sales, learning and motivation, networking and collaboration, that are so necessary in a business that wants to be perceived by the beneficiaries as a business with maximum effect.

Our mission

Because we want to strengthen the businesses, to solve a lot of problems, to sharpen thinking and accelerate the creativity and innovation, our mission is to fix the mismatch between what the science knows and what is happening in businesses, bringing the notions of motivation of the 21st century and to multiply this pattern / performance and success models, to help develop the community where we live, and so we can change the world.

Scientists who have studied the motivational factors have given us this new approach. The approach is built more on internal motivation, around the need to do things because they matter, because we like to do what we do, because they are interesting, because they are part of a much bigger thing.


Our team

1Do I need MindCode?
MindCode operating system can be loaded and used by anyone who wants to achieve their objectives in the easiest way and live integrated lifestyles so they can achieve a balance between personal and professional life, no matter the field of the job - sales operator, marketing, administrative and IT, accounting and production.
2Can I purchase the programs?

Yes, if you find yourself among:

Entrepreneurs who understand that their business goal joins the importance of the profit.

The CEO who wants to redesign and revolutionize the business and knows that complex problem solving requires an inquiring mind and a willingness to experiment with alternative pathways that can lead to a new solution.

Managers who want to increase or strengthen their power, personal image, position, freedom of action, along with the growing incomes in the businesses they work.

3What gives me the MindCode programs?

1. Strategy Chessboard - A program that identifies and decodes patterns of thinking motivation of employees. The program can distribute employees on those types of activities that suit them better and which induce them to use their skills and competencies to perform. It developes, within teams and company, interaction based on communication, collaboration and added value.

2. Becoming year Integrator - A program that offers that upgrade for a manager to become an integrator and to handle any situation, no matter how complex it is. In addition, it provides codes for that, in his new integrative role, the manager can obtain: * image, vision, personal achievement; * balance between personal needs and the needs of others, that balance that is required for an integrated lifestyle; * development of new skills so he can build and expand those relationships that serve his new role.

3. Maestro - A program that provides the necessary upgrade for an Integrator so he can: * achieve excellence, so he can be a better version of himself and can access his personal genius; * create a personal model and multiply it; * contribute to something that matters to him, but that is beyond himself.

4Why should I upload the new operating system on a personal level?

  • • Because, on a long-term, intrinsic motivation leads you to better results than your colleagues that seek external rewards.
  • • Because type intrinsic behavior leads you to a wealth both physical and mental best . Acquire greater confidence in you, better interpersonal relationships and a general better
  • • Because from a person with an external motivation you can become a person with internal motivation, as the intrinsec behavior can be build and not given from birth.
  • • Because your attitude and individual performances lead you to another level of satisfaction, becoming the best in what matters to you.
  • • Because objectives and efforts to achieve them are clear
  • • You become so involved that time, place and even your own being get lost in that activity..
  • 5Why should I upload the new operating system at company level?

  • • Because you know that important goal joins the importance of the profit
  • • You know that this mentality shift toward purpose and profit has the potential to reinvent your business and change the world..
  • • Because solving complex problems requires an inquiring mind and a willingness to experiment with alternative pathways that lead to a new solution.
  • • Because companies offering autonomy often surpass their competitors
  • 6When can I upload new operating system?

    When you need innovative programs and tactics to become a serious challenge to market leaders by repositioning products / services.

    When you want:

  • • to play and win the game called "competition";
  • • to gain experience in launching products / services on the market, by collecting opinions from users to improve your product, gathering; opinions from users that can help to continue this cycle throughout the whole life of the product / service;
  • • to become faster and confident and by sharpening your sensitivity, the ability to distinguish between conditions similar but not identical and the skill, the ability to achieve constant activity so that you can get the desired result;
  • • to become better and better in generating creative solutions;
  • • to gain mastership by transforming conscious acts in automatic habits.
  • Mihaela Ioanitescu

    Owner MindCode


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